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The Outsiders

This is a nod to those amongst who do not fit in. The exceptions to the rules, social misfits who are not fond of the rules and are not influenced by the status quo. A project in reassurance for the round pegs who just cannot fit into the square holes.


430mm x 290mm limited edition of 60  

740mm x 495mm limited edition of 60


framed prints small $395  (575mm x 440mm frame size)  

framed prints large   $725    (930mm x 700mm frame size)



The Outsiders limited edition print

PriceFrom $195.00
  • Available in other sizes.

    All of my prints are produced on archival fine art paper using lightfast inks. This results in high quality images with incredible colour saturation that will last a lifetime. To protect the print do not hang in direct sunlight .

    If you require a framed print please be aware that it may take up to two weeks.

    All of my prints are professionally framed. I use white matte board and frames but if you would like any other colour get in touch.

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